🛒1. Buying Hardware


For each Luxio LED Strip, you need a single Wemos LOLIN D1 mini V4. These are only a few dollars on AliExpress.

LED Strip

Luxio works exclusively with any WS2812b LED Strip.

These are digital, individual-addressable LEDs placed on a strip varying in length — usually between 1 meter and 5 meter.

You can configure the number of LEDs for every Luxio, so you can buy varying lengths. Just keep note of the power usage.

USB-C Cable

Any USB-C cable that transmits power should work, but keep mind that some have bad quality.

To do: suggest an USB-C Cable

USB-C Adapter

Any 5V USB-C adapter will work, but it depends on the number of LEDs how much Ampere (A) you need.

The LOLIN D1 mini requires 200 mA.

As a rule of thumb, every LED requires 50 mA (that's 0.05 A) when it's full-brightness and white.

For example, for a 2-meter LED Strip with 120 LEDs, you need 0.2 A + 0.05 ⨉ 120 = 6.2 A.

As you can see, that's a lot and these adapters are very rare to come by! Regular adapters are only about 2 A. However, in the real world, these adapters perform quite well, because your LED-strip is rarely full-brightness and white — which uses most power.

In our example, a 3 A adapter would work fine.

To do: suggest an USB-C Adapter

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